Traveling to Malindi For Easter Holiday

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March 30, 2018, Good Friday Easter
It was 8:30 in the morning on Good Friday when we started our  Easter Holiday trip to Malindi,
a three-hour drive from where we are based,  Mombasa. I live and work in Kenya and
non- working holidays are meant to explore the beauty of Africa with your camera.

Fishing boats on the beach, Malindi, Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The road trip to Malindi was comfortable passing through the national road (Nyali Road)
which is a two-way narrow lane. The road was considerably good and nothing to complain
about any rough road. As expected, whenever we travel by land during the holidays in Kenya, at least four Police/Military checkpoints came along during the road trip. The area is a coastal region located at the eastern part of Kenya, with neighboring  Somalia at the upper northeast. The high-level security checks can be inconvenient for the holiday traveler but can also be reassuring for safety reasons. You will understand why these tight security checks are important especially during the Easter holiday when tourist and travelers are on the road.

English: Kilifi harbor, Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We had to pass through at least five sleepy towns before reaching our final destination which is, Bamburi, Mtwapa, Takaungu, Kilifi, and Watamu. We enjoyed the beautiful rural sceneries, the mud houses and the simplicity of life at these laid-back towns. A coastal region with lots of green plantations, tall coconut trees, sailboats, yachts and even floating deck restaurants can be seen during the trip.

You will be amazed at the large expanse of green vegetation, clear sea water, and fresh clean air to breath . A paradise indeed for those who live in a concrete jungle with all the noise and air pollution.
We decided to try the seafood at a floating deck restaurant. Pets are not allowed though so we had to opt for a takeout and enjoyed our grilled seafood inside our Honda car.

History of the Coastal Regions:
The region is populated by Muslims which dates back to history. Early coastal settlements that were developed into towns with both Arab and Africa inhabitants. Intermarriage happened and a culture was born that  is similar to the Islamic Gulf States.
Malindi market in the center of the town Deutsch: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We had arrived Malindi just on time and I noticed the town to be similar to Mombasa and even
Port Said (a coastal region in Egypt), with Arab influence all around.

Malindi, also known as Melinde, a town on Malindi Bay, lying on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya.
A distance of 120 kilometers northeast of Mombasa. Known for its tourism industry and very popular
among the Italian tourist and with a population of around 540,000.

I noticed a lot of foreign tourist walking around the central business district.
They looked European tourist and according to my source, they are mostly Italians that stay for at least  3 to 6 months to enjoy the beautiful sunny beaches and the laidback lifestyle. With the Euro to Kenya Shillings exchange rate ( 1=120), the tourist can enjoy 120 Kenyan shilling worth of goods
and services against a unit of Euro. It makes sense for these tourist to stay for months
of African Holiday.

Tourism Industry and the Malindi International Airport
There has been a downward trend on the influx of tourist in Kenya for the past two years affecting tourist destinations including Malindi. Travel advisories from traveling to Kenya, terrorist threats and the shaky political situation did not help the industry resulting to many tourist and resort establishments to either close down or cut down in their operations. The Kenyan government has set aside 1.5 billion Kenyan  Shillings ( US Dollars 15 million) for the construction of  Malindi International Airport to help attract foreign holiday travelers into Malindi.

(Photo Credit: Business Daily Africa)

Reaching BareFoot Beach Camp
Barefoot Beach Camp is located 23 km North of Malindi town proper.
A remote beach camp about 8 km away from the main road, passable by a very narrow sandy
road covered with dried coconut husk that makes it easier for the vehicle to move against the road.

You can find local town people in the area on the way to the camp. Typical women in their headdress and native attire. There are also small shops around  that sell basic items. Water supply can be an issue for villages living at the remotest area, and a central faucet located at these shops is available for the locals to fetch their water.

Barefoot Beach Camp and Che Shale signages.
Typical signages are available along the trail. It is impossible to really get lost with these signages.
Traveling  during daytime is always recommended.

Local Children
These friendly children would wave and smile at the tourist passing by.
A laidback daily life for these children with their donkey led wooden carriage.   


Village Houses
Eye-catching local village houses with large vegetable garden, coconut trees,
wide open ground spaces. To live in a place like these free from air and noise pollution upon
retirement is a man’s dream. These large spaces are rarely found in an urban concrete jungle city.

Barefoot Beach Camp and its Modern Tent
A beach camp away from the typical crowded beach. A very quiet and private place with five modern tents equipped with the basics and built in  washroom. A feel of living on an isolated island,
with a totally different  Easter Holiday experience against the usual resort hotels.
For those who want privacy and opt for a real island like accomodation,
this is the place to spend your Easter African Holiday.

Expect to have no mobile signals as well, no internet, no television,
just pure isolation from the outside world. In case you need to gain access to a signal,
the owners of the camp  live within the premises at their wonderful beach house with a
signal booster. They will gladly help.

The Dining, Bar, and Kitchen
The camp is equipped with a beautiful bar, dining area and a large kitchen with a  ground of pure sand. A barefoot policy is encouraged (slippers/shoes not allowed). Who would not want to have their tired  and sore feet buried in the sand during the Easter African Holiday? Food is supervised by owner  husband, a Kenyan by birth, with European origin. A qualified educated chef who can prepare very good seafood.

You can also feel the night cool breeze during your dinner, A cool place to relax,
enjoy your dinner, coffee, cold beer and forget the outside world at least during your stay.

My wife Emilia and our pet son Jimboh during dinner.
We had grilled fish snappers and salad for dinner.
Our Jimboh is used to house flooring and was so amused with the sand.

Barefoot Beach Camp Bar
You do not have to worry about your bare feet while at the bar.
Your tired and abused feet  buried in the sand can be relaxing, while you enjoy your coffee,
a cold beer or a shot of your favorite brandy during the Easter Holiday.

Jimboh Almonia
Our 7 year old son found a  cold stone flooring trying to avoid the sand.

The modern tents are equipped with large netting windows, a wooden sofa, coffee table,
queen size bed with mosquito net,  a built in the washroom and a balcony where you can enjoy your breakfast and coconut water. You get a feeling of being stranded in a remote island.
What a treat to spend your Easter African Holiday!

Enjoying Life and the Beach
Mother and Son enjoying the cool afternoon just before sunset.
The early morning sunrise is a good time to be at the beach as well.

Cool Afternoon Breeze
Imagine the cool sea breeze rushing through your skin in the afternoon just before sunset.
You may wonder that “ this is a good way to live your life” free from  complications
and stress and enjoying sea nature.

Until the next holiday! And Update…..

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My work in manufacturing has brought me to Kenya/Madagascar/Egypt/Jordan.

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